A global leader in precision medicine, our mission is to create new opportunities for earlier disease protection through genetic disorder testing, beginning with ophthalmology.

Combining traditional scientific methods with AI, Avellino is able to power more accurate and timely solutions for modern eyecare practices. This is just the start.

Genetic diagnostics

Avellino empowers eyecare professionals and their patients with appropriate and timely information for early risk detection and diagnosis to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Gene therapies

Avellino is building upon the success of its proprietary Universal test, the world’s first DNA diagnostic tool confirming the presence of genetic indicators positively associated with corneal diseases, and applying those discoveries beyond eye care. This provides life-changing information for patient treatment decisions and follow-up care.

Genetic data

Avellino’s full-service model ensures that genetic data is the basis for development and a continual confirmation tool for the success of all therapies.

Next up on the horizon

In late 2019/early 2020, the AvaGen test will be available for clinicians and patients as the first combination genetic diagnostic tool for determining the risk of developing keratoconus and the presence of corneal dystrophies.

The predictive power of AvaGen will pinpoint, with next-generation accuracy, a predisposition to these diseases, years before the symptoms may be detectable by the most sensitive clinical tools.

Operating globally, impacting locally

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Avellino has additional operations in Korea, Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.

More perspectives on the Avellino approach

Our work is singularly focused on advancing the application of genetic technologies to deliver on the promise of precision medicine for improved healthcare outcomes for all.

Gene Lee

We’re excited to bring our operational model of genetic data, genetic diagnostics, and refined gene therapies into the practice so more and more physicians can actually utilize this in defining these for their patients. We believe the future is precision medicine and we will continue to work hard to make sure it is available to as many as possible.

Eric Bernabei
Global Head of Business and Corporate Development

It’s an extremely interesting time. We are now able to identify what is actually happening to our patients and proactively identify and help ensure patient safety, reliability, and confidence. Patients are demanding more out of physicians every day. I look forward to the evolution over the next several years and how Avellino is leading the way in genetic testing.

Jim Mazzo
President and CEO,
Member of the Board of Directors