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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 1 Avellino Company Background

Avellino is a precision medicine company focused on making a global impact in genetics to diagnose rare and challenging diseases, bringing new levels of efficiency and effectiveness to drug development, and making therapies more targeted to individual needs.

Fact Sheet 2 Avellino Technology Platforms

Avellino Labs leverages genetic big data and algorithms, collaborating with best-in-class partners to create genetic tests, gene-editing therapies, and genetic analytics for specialty diagnostics and personalized medicine.

Fact Sheet 3 AvellinoCoV2 Coronavirus Test

The COVID-19 outbreak has been fast and severe, first affecting the Avellino teams and facilities in China and South Korea.

Fact Sheet 4 Avellino Response Coronavirus Pandemic

Avellino is an early-stage, genetic-testing and personalized medicine company that did not have the resources to halt commercial sales and start producing the company’s novel AvellinoCoV2 test.


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Lab Test/B-Roll

AvellinoCOV2 Test Results Lab Prep
AvellinoCOV2 Test Instruments & Collected Samples
AvellinoCOV2 Test Analysis
AvellinoCOV2 Test Analysis 2
AvellinoCOV2 Test Analysis 3
AvellinoCOV2 Test Collection Kit Contents 1
AvellinoCOV2 Test Collection Kit Contents 2
AvellinoCOV2 Test Collection Kit Contents 3
AvellinoCOV2 Test Collection Kit Contents 4
AvellinoCOV2 Test Collection Kit Contents 5
AvellinoCOV2 Test Collection Kit Contents 6
AvellinoCOV2 Test being Administered 1
AvellinoCOV2 Test being Administered 2
AvellinoCOV2 Test Patient Report being Emailed to Physician


John Hong

Chief People Officer and Interim General Counsel, Avellino Labs

How Avellino’s presence in Asia informed their COVID-19 test for the U.S.
AvellinoCOV2 test approval timeline and how Avellino is working with the community
How Avellino is working with first responsders and healthcare workers
Where the AvellinoCOV2 test will be available
Current CA demand for COVID-19 testing
AvellinoCOV2 test results are available fast

Connie Chao-Shern, PhD, CLS

Chief Lab Officer, Avellino Labs

How the AvellinoCOV2 test works, and analyzing results
AvellinoCOV2 test targets
What compelled Dr. Chao Shern to develop the AvellinoCOV2 test
What it means if a AvellinoCOV2 test has a positive result and their physician’s next steps

Eric Bernabei

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Avellino Labs

B-roll of interview with Eric Bernabei

Audio Clips of Interview

  • How AvellinoCoV2 Test is Different than Current Finger-prick and Test Strips
  • Avellino Halted Production on Other Products to Increase Production of AvellinoCoV2 Test
  • How the AvellinoCoV2 Test is Administered in 3 Easy Steps
  • Why the AvellinoCoV2 Test is Different: Avellino’s Experience
  • Why the AvellinoCoV2 Test Can Detect Coronavirus on Asymptomatic Patients
  • Avellino Labs Overview
  • Avellino’s Genetic Test Portfolio
  • How It Was Determined That Avellino Could Create a Test to Detect COVID-19